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Sample Workshops & Residencies

Arts integration is a powerful tool to improve student engagement and increase motivation. It offers more diverse learning opportunities for all types of learners and, perhaps ,most important of all, it stimulates creativity and makes learning fun!  Numerous studies have also proven that it is a sure fire way to improve student learning and retention.


I work with schools all over the Northeast to provide arts integration residencies where I work collaboratively with classroom teachers to provide instruction filled with exciting art-based curriculum fully integrated with math, social studies, language arts and science curriculum.  I offer one day workshops as well as residencies that can last from 3 days through 20 days.


In addition to classroom residencies, I offer a number of professional development workshops along with other dynamic teaching artists.  More information on these workshops can be found here -


Add creativity and color to your math classroom using modern art as a springboard for learning fractions, proportions, geometry and algebra.  Through this hands-on, visual approach to math, students are provided with a deeper understanding of mathematics and a greater appreciation of how math is found in the world around us.


In this workshop, students will gain an understanding of Islamic art and how the artists created geometric patterns using simple tools: a ruler, compass and grid paper. Participants will use the power of observation, experimentation and perseverance to create Islamic patterns.  This workshop is an interdisciplinary investigation of Islamic art which integrates social studies, math and art.


What do math and mosaics in common?  Quite a lot!  Use mosaic tiles to teach students about  ratios and proportions, or reinforce these concepts.  Students solve problems using mosaic tiles and then create their own proportional challenges for classmates to solve.  Finally, the students use their solutions to create their own trivets or coasters using glass tiles and thinset mortar.



This workshop provides a unique combination of skill building in science, math, cooperation and negotiation.  Using natural materials, students work in teams to build a sculptural structure to meet certain predetermined criteria. To obtain these natural materials, students must negotiate with other teams to obtain scarce materials required for the structure.  Through cooperation and negotiation, students learn to support one another while working creatively to meet their goals.


Students learn about the ancient art of mosaics and how this medium was used by ancient and modern cultures world-wide to record historical events.  Then, using these same techniques, students create sample mosaic pieces of their own design. These hands-on strategies can be used with to explore a variety of concepts in social studies, science and current events.

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