Beth Klingher. Artist & Educator.

I have been an artist and educator all my life. I love getting my hands dirty – clay, grout, dirt, or dough.  My first love was clay – where I built both abstract sculptures and functional pots.  About 10 years ago I discovered mosaics. I am intrigued with the textures and patterns, and the intricacies of creating a work of art one tiny piece at a time. I create landscapes – both realistic and abstract – to reflect or make sense of what I see in the world around me.    


I spent ten years teaching math in New Haven public schools and continue to work as a teaching artist with schools exploring the connections between math and art.  I offer a number of unique arts integration workshops including “Teaching Math Through the Art of Sol LeWitt,” which uses abstract art to teach math, pre-algebra and algebra.  I have also worked on a number of small and large-scale mosaic murals  including a 40 foot long world history mosaic timeline, mosaic panels for the West River water shed, and a large mosaic mural fort he Make-A-Wish foundation at Memorial Sloan Kettering Westchester in NY.  

As one reviewer stated:

Each of her imaginative mosaic constructions is a symphony of visual and tactile materials–  glass, ceramic, stone, and pottery.  This lively exhibit of abstract geometric designs, stunning undulating landscapes and playful patterns of color is a joyful concert for the eye that is not to be missed.



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228 Everit Street

New Haven, CT  06511



College: Studio Arts Major

In college I majored in ceramic sculpture, creating a series of pit-fired abstract landscapes for my final senior project. Although I loved working with clay, it wouldn't pay the rent, so after moving to NYC, I expanded my job search to include anything art-related.


First Career: Cut & Paste Artist

My first job was as a cut and paste artist (yes, with an exacto knife and rubber cement) creating bank forms for Chase Manhattan Bank.  Although this job did not last long, it introduced me to computers and allowed me to move on to designing computer systems using some of the first personal computers used in the business world.  I decided to return to school to further my knowledge and opportunities in technology.


Second Career: Software Designer

After getting my Masters degree in Management from MIT, I began working for Reuters helping to design their financial software for traders and portfolio managers. Four years later, I left to start my own software development company –

Willow Solutions – based in New Haven, CT.  After 17 years with the company, I decided it was time to move on and I sold the company to my employees.  


Third Career: Math Teacher

At this point, I had two young children and had been spending more and more time volunteering at their school.  I loved working with the students and soon decided to become a teacher.  Through the Alternate Route to Certification (ARC), I gained my certificate as a middle school math teacher.  I spent most of my nine years in teaching at Worthington Hooker School, a small neighborhood public school in the East Rock neighborhood of New Haven.


Fourth Career: Artist and Teaching Artist

After many years in technology and math, I  returned to the art world. I continue to work in clay, both on and off the wheel, but have expanded to other mediums, most notably, mosaics. I have explored ways to integrate my interest in art with math and have developed a number of projects and approaches to bring my love of both art and math to students in schools throughout the Northeast. I also teach mosaics in my own studio and at art centers around the country. My abstract and realistic mosaic artwork has been shown in museums, hospitals and schools ,and at mosaic exhibits such as the Mosaic Arts International.

Exhibitions & Installations

Undue Burden, DaSilva Gallery, New Haven, CT - October 2022

Memorial Sloan Kettering Westchester, Harrison, NY - Permanent exhibit, installed 2022

Art at Yale Health, Yale Health Center, New Haven - 2022

Little Gems 2022, Yarmouth Cultural Center MA - April/May 2022

Yale School of Medicine Library, - Hung 2021 in Permanent Collection

Mentors & Makers, Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA - January thru July 2021

New England Mosaic Society Member Show, Spring 2021

Mosaic Arts International Winter 2021 - Society of American Mosaic Artists Virtual Show 

Class Act 2021, Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics, Chicago, IL - Winter 2021

New England Mosaic Society Spring 2020 Virtual Exhibition - Award: Artistic Distinction

Art at Yale Health, Yale Health Center, New Haven - September 2019 thru March 2020

Art in the Orchard, Easthampton, MA - Autumn 2019

Post Road Art Center, Marlborough, MA - June 2019 

One Hundred Moments in Mosaic, SOFA Chicago - Winter 2018

Creative Arts Workshop Faculty Show, New Haven, CT - Fall 2018

Shrewsbury Library, Shrewsbury MA, April - June 2018

Leonardo Challenge, Eli Whitney Museum, Hamden, CT, April 2018

Somerville Museum, Somerville, MA, February – April 2018  Award: Artistic Distinction

mActivity Member Show, New Haven, CT January – February, 2018

City-Wide Open Studios, ArtSpace, New Haven, CT, October 2017

Leonardo Challenge, Eli Whitney Museum, Hamden, CT, April 2017

Art in Pieces, Solo Exhibition, Green Street Art Gallery, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT August 2016

Leonardo Challenge, Eli Whitney Museum, Hamden, CT, April 2016

City-Wide Open Studios, ArtSpace, New Haven, CT, October 2015

Signs, Ravenna Mosaico, Fourth International Contemporary Mosaic Festival, Ravenna, Italy, November 2015

Make.Art.Work, Koffee, New Haven, CT, July 2015

All Kirkland Art Show, Hamilton College, Johnson Gallery Kennedy Center, Clinton, NY, June 2015

Make.Art.Work, Summer McKnight Crosby Gallery, Arts Council, New Haven, CT, June – September 2015

Mosaics at the Mill, Arlington, MA, March – June 2015

Leonardo Challenge, Eli Whitney Museum, Hamden, CT, April 2015

City-Wide Open Studios, The Armory, New Haven, CT, October 2014

World History Mosaic Timeline, Worthington Hooker Middle School, New Haven, CT, Completed June 2018

Community/School Projects

Sol LeWitt Inspired Mosaics, Integrated Day Charter School, Norwich, CT  Spring 2018

Moments in American History, Lincoln Middle School, Meriden, CT  Spring 2018

Pieces of the West River, Mosaic Panels on Blake Street, Westville, New Haven, CT, Summer 2016 – Spring 2018

Historic Mosaic Murals of Colchester, Jack Jackter Intermediate School, Colchester, CT, Winter - Spring, 2017

Sol LeWitt Inspired Mathematical Mural, Lincoln Middle School, Meriden, CT,  Spring, 2017

World History Mosaic Timeline, Worthington Hooker Middle School, New Haven, CT, October 2014 – June 2018

Mosaic Panels, Elm City Prep, New Haven, CT, January 2017

Sol LeWitt Inspired Mathematical Mural, Jack Jackter Intermediate School, Colchester, CT, Spring, 2016

Mosaic Hopscotch Court, Eli Whitney Museum, Hamden, CT, July-August 2015

Algebraic Mural Inspired by the Art of Sol LeWitt, High School in the Community, New Haven, CT, May 2015

Mathematical Mural Inspired by the Art of Sol LeWitt, Martin School, Manchester, CT, April – June 2015