Circuits, 2021, Mexican Smalti, unglazed porcelain, stone

Artist and Educator

I have been an artist and educator all my life. I love getting my hands dirty – clay, grout, dirt, or dough. My first love was clay – where I built both abstract sculptures and functional pots. About 10 years ago I discovered mosaics. I am intrigued with the textures and patterns, and the intricacies of creating a work of art one tiny piece at a time. I create landscapes – both realistic and abstract – to reflect or make sense of what I see in the world around me.

I spent ten years teaching math in New Haven public schools and continue to work as a teaching artist with schools exploring the connections between math and art. I offer several unique arts integration workshops including “Teaching Math Through the Art of Sol LeWitt,” which uses abstract art to teach math, pre-algebra and algebra. I have also worked on a number of small and large-scale mosaic murals including a 40 foot long world history mosaic timeline, mosaic panels for the West River water shed, and a large mosaic mural for the Make-A-Wish foundation at Memorial Sloan Kettering Westchester in NY.

As one reviewer stated:

Each of her imaginative mosaic constructions is a symphony of visual and tactile materials– glass, ceramic, stone, and pottery. This lively exhibit of abstract geometric designs, stunning undulating landscapes and playful patterns of color is a joyful concert for the eye that is not to be missed.